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Adventures In Power Point

Presentation software be it KeyNote on Mac devices, or PowerPoint on Windows, or even web based interfaces like Prezi, can be a dynamic and engaging way to convey information to a group. Much like your parents slide show from that trip they took to the Grand Canyon however, a presentation done in Powerpoint or any other software has the potential to be a total snore.

Effective presentations are an art form, they require a dynamic and interesting presenter, the right amount of eye candy and effects, and just enough humour to keep your audience engaged. Teaching how to put together a great and effective presentation is one of my specialties. From helping people overcoming their public speaking jitters, to avoiding the dreaded 'front row phone checkers' I can help you ensure even the most boring content keeps your audience engaged throughout your next staff meeting, board lecture, or quarterly presentation. Let me help you take your monthly meetings from a task filled with frustration and anxiety, to a chance to show off your amazing skills and brilliant ideas.

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