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Ani Manning 

Social Media Manager and Creative Content Advisor

Having started out in the primitive jungles of social medias darkling days on ICQ and AIM, only to then cut my proverbial teeth in the swamps and caves of LiveJournal and Blogger, I have crept ever forward and kept up leaving behind my :) smily face for true emoji's and my MSN messenger in favour of messenger. I watched MySpace implode followed by the mighty empires of Google+ fold like a deck of playing cards into the way-way back machine of internet history. If all of this means nothing to you rest assured it means you missed most of the cringe-worthy parts of the infancy of social media. If however, it brought back memories of flared jeans, the Spice Girls and body glitter you may just have played the Oregon Trail a time or two yourself.

These days it's all about the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have you SnapChatted? Are you Linked-In? Regardless of the platform finding the right way to navigate the social sphere of the internet has always been my passion and my home. And I am ready to help you carve out a space for rent here as well. 

I'm a dedicated writer of both creative fiction and non-fiction, with over a decade of editing experience, creating stunning content with both words and imagery for the online consumer. A background education in marketing, analytics, social media and legal writing, round out my skill set and find that perfect balance between those creative impulses and that practical application. When I'm not staring at a screen for work, I enjoy staring at a screen for fun (come on and tell me you don't love those cat pictures with the funny slogans). My collection of meme's is legendary, if you're looking for a creative solution, or a new perspective it would be my pleasure to put my mind to it.

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