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The Nostalgia Project

In late February, my Grandmother, whom had lived in her home for the past 60 years moved into a long term care facility in our home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This project is meant as a part time capsule, part nostalgic exploration of the universal feelings of loss and growth and memory and love that come with the slow loss of someone you love due to dementia and old age.  As well as in part a humors view of the strange things we hold on to as time passes, and the things that we leave behind for our loved ones to sort through after we are gone or at least no longer able to care for our possessions.

I am likely to also use this space to voice my opinions on the state of care for senior citizens in the Province of Manitoba and what could be done to better serve our most vulnerable populations in the final years. I may even touch on other related heath care topics as they pertain to seniors in the province.

I will be posting the treasures I find on Twitter and instagram under the hashtag #AlmasTreasures or #TheNostalgiaProject at least weekly but likely more often so please follow along, and feel free to send me an email or post your own treasures and stories of your own experiences with cleaning out the homes of your loved ones whom have entered the final phases of their life or whom have passed away. I can be found on Twitter @animanning and on Instagram @TheNostalgiaProject2k19

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